Herbal Food: Benefits of Red Onions

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Onion is one of herbal food, who is not familiar with this type of onion. In addition to garlic is also rich in benefits, the onion will be a famous onion for frequent kitchen spices. Onion also has advantages that are very useful, not only for adults only but also for infant health.

This herbal food is often used as kitchen spice is none other than also has an effective benefit if used as medicine and health resources. So let’s see what the benefits of onion, especially the benefits of onions for babies. Benefits of Red Onion For Baby

1. Curing Flu Disease

Babies are susceptible to disease because the immune system possessed by the baby cannot work with the maximum. Therefore, babies need good immunity as well as herbal remedies to be included in infant care.

2. Overcoming cough disease

Not only overcome the flu alone, but he was able to cough, cough sometimes occurs because of a virus or bacteria that attack the esophagus. Therefore you can mix the onions as follows to be used for herbal medicine for babies.

3. Overcoming Fever in Baby

This herbal food is also efficacious to overcome fever and reduce fever in children, red onion contains various contents that we can use to eradicate the bacteria that cause fever.

4. Overcoming flatulence

Babies very often feel bloated, especially for those who prefer to drink breast milk, so when the baby swells or too entangled because consuming too much breast milk, then you can apply onions in the stomach.

5. Overcoming Wind Entry in Babies

One of the symptoms of flu in infants usually quite swollen stomach, this can happen when the baby’s stomach is empty and often exposed to the wind, so the baby feels bloated. Because that time when the baby gets cold you can put onions on your baby’s back and stomach to massage a little and slower than the colds in the baby will disappear.

6. Toddler

Although not suitable for babies, but this benefit is suitable for those who have a toddler, when they are sick and do not like the medicine, you can use the onion as a medicine for them to recover from the illness.

7. Streamlining the Art Water

There are times when babies find it difficult to excrete urine, whether it’s because of illness or other things, therefore you make a red onion to launch urine in babies. Because urine must immediately remove.

That is the Benefits of this herbal food for babies and toddlers that you can know and even must know. So if the baby has an attack such as disease wounds, colds, colds, flu, cough and others you can take immediate action with this onion.

We know that onion is very easy to find in the market and always often in the kitchen of the mother. This certainly makes it easier if you want to use onion as a child’s herbal medicine.…

Herbal Drink: Benefits of Red Ginger

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Hello my herbal friend, back again with me, which will explore herbal food and herbal drink.

Ginger is divided into three types, namely white ginger, yellow ginger, and red ginger. Red ginger has a higher bitter and spicy concentration than the other two ginger is widely used in the world of traditional medicine. One of the benefits of red ginger for the most famous health is to treat asthma or shortness of breath.

Asthma is one of the diseases that occur when the respiratory tract swells and the ability to breathe becomes limited. The triggers of this disease can vary, namely dust, animal fur, smoke, and strenuous exercise. Asthma attacks are mild, as well as severe life-threatening can happen anytime when there is a trigger. In addition to powerful as an asthma drug, there are several other useful properties for the health of the body. Here’s more information.

Benefits of red ginger for men

If red ginger is made into a traditional herb, then the usefulness is very good for men. This plant is very powerful to increase men’s vitality and strengthen sperm endurance.

Helps warm the body

Ginger is basically healthy to help warm or increase body temperature. You can use red ginger as a herbal drink while in cold weather or mountainous areas. Red ginger also has anti-toxin or anti-virus to treat colds and coughs.

Digestion becomes more current

Not only the fruit that can facilitate digestion, it turns red ginger can also be an alternative for those of you who are difficult to defecate or constipation. Red ginger also has a function for the absorption of food and prevent the occurrence of stomach disease because of its nature of this rhizome is to reduce inflammation.

Benefits of red ginger for rheumatism

Ginger has content that can reduce swelling and pain can also be useful to cure rheumatism or gout.

Heals a cough

Red ginger is also used to relieve a cough and also cure a cough. Red ginger has a warming properties which can be useful in curing cough fiber can also overcome a sore throat.

Benefits of red ginger for diet

For those of you who want to lose weight, try drinking red ginger water regularly. Ginger has a compound that can burn fat in the stomach and reduce appetite.

Lowering cholesterol levels in blood

Red ginger has some very beneficial content for the body at the disposal of toxins such as bad cholesterol contained in the blood. Red ginger is useful to destroy bad cholesterol because blood circulation.

Herbal Food: Benefits of red dragon fruit

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hello friend, how are you? hope you stay healthy and always eat herbal food. My article this time will discuss the benefits of herbal foods, namely dragon fruit.

This fruit is very good to be consumed regularly. The content in it proved able to strengthen the body’s immune system, in addition, there are many other vitamin contents in it. Benefits of dragon fruit content are very good for the fulfillment of vitamin and mineral requirement on the human body.

The benefits of consuming this herbal food are very diverse. Starting from the benefits that can be felt directly by the body to the benefits that are not felt directly, long-term alias. Some parts of red dragon fruit have different benefits and benefits. Starting from the stem, meat, and skin contained vitamins and substances rich in benefits. On this occasion the discussion focused on the benefits of red dragon fruit is as follows:

Helps lower cholesterol levels

In the body, the content of vitamin b3 in red dragon fruit is very good to help lower cholesterol levels in the body. It is advisable for those who have high cholesterol levels to eat this fruit. As we know that cholesterol is very dangerous when it is high, serious illnesses such as coronary heart disease and stroke.

Helps relieve a cough

The benefits of the next red dragon fruit that can help relieve cough disease. Again this property is mediated by the content of vitamin b3 in it.

Helps in the cure of cancer

The doctors have recommended consuming red dragon fruit in order to help cure cancer. The content of vitamin complex is very useful for the therapeutic process in curing the disease

Relieves asthma

For someone who suffers from asthma is highly recommended to consume red dragon fruit. This is because the vitamin b3 content in it that is able to help relieve asthma.

Stabilize high blood pressure fruit

A red dragon with vitamin b3 it is very good for consumption for high blood sufferers. Doctors also recommend consuming lots of this fruit for people with the disease.

Preventing osteoporosis

Eating red dragon fruit is very good for preventing diseases bone loss or commonly known as osteoporosis. This is because in the fruit there is an excellent organic calcium content for bone.

Helps cure diabetes disease

The sweet taste of red dragon fruit does not come from glucose so it is safe for people with diabetes. Even some experts also mentioned that the benefits of red dragon fruit can also help the healing of people with the disease.

Helps eye health care

The content of beta-carotene in red dragon fruit is able to help care for eye health so it is very good to be consumed.

Help reduce weight

One of the efforts in losing weight is to regularly eat foods rich in fiber and low in calories. Eating red dragon fruit can be a good alternative choice for you who are undergoing weight loss program.…

Besides Herbal Food, Push-up Good for Body

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My Herbal Friend, besides eating herbal food, this sport we can do every day to make the body be ideal. Besides eating herbal food routine, I also regularly exercise. Every day I have to work, so not enough time to exercise, so I choose push-ups as a regular exercise that I can do in the morning and evening.

Push-ups are one of the most common exercise moves. All men and women can do push-ups. Push up movement we can do anywhere. This is what makes push-ups can take part in the daily training program. You can do push-ups after waking or during the afternoon.

Push-ups become one of the cheaper exercise types and many have benefits for all members of the body. Here are some of the benefits of push-ups on a regular basis: Benefits of Push Up for Physical Formation

1. Shaping Body Muscle

When doing push-ups, some of the muscles of the body on the front shoulder, chest, and arm that work very strong. if we do push-up movement on a regular basis, it will train the muscle work for 3 body systems.

2. Strengthen Abdominal Muscles

One of the correct core push-ups is that there is no curvature of the spine. The curve will usually be seen as the body moves up or down. The correct push-up movement will be visible when all parts of the spine are flat, stiff and stable.

3. Helping Bone Strength

Bone is one of the most important bodies core strengths to stand, sit and perform various movements. Bone health problems are a common problem, especially to old age.

4. Chest muscle strength

The chest is a limb that plays a big role when doing push-ups. This movement will force the chest muscles (pectoralis) to pull and press the body without having to rest on other body parts. If the push-up movement is done regularly then the chest muscles will be preserved and can form a very healthy muscle mass.

5. Stabilize Shoulder Muscles

Did you hear about an unbalanced shoulder disorder? This problem can actually be overcome by doing push-ups regularly. When the body does push-ups, the shoulder muscle strength lies in the upper shoulder

6. Forming the Stomach

Want to have a “six-pack” belly? Six-pack is a form of the stomach that looks like a six-box box arrangement, hard and strong. If you want to have a six-pack stomach, in a way that is easy and efficient then just do the push-up movement.

7. Improve Posture

Perfect posture is a very important part of appearance. Some posture problems such as vertebrae are less erect, unbalanced shoulders or less stable arms are still often encountered. Usually, doctors will recommend doing certain therapies. But this can be fixed by doing push-ups regularly.

8. Balancing Body Size

Push-up movements utilize a lot of muscle work on the shoulders, arms, and chest. If noted then the push-up movement will tend to make the muscles on the shoulders, arms and chest have a large size. But that’s not entirely true because when the push-up movement occurs then the strength of abdominal muscles, spine and pelvis will also work. This is what makes the push-up movement can form the muscles at the top and bottom of the body becomes more balanced.

9. Train Cardiac Muscle

 Many people think that push-ups will only make the muscles on the chest become bigger? This is not wrong because push-ups encourage the strength of the chest muscles, shoulders and arms become stronger. But that does not mean push-ups do not have important benefits for muscles in the body like heart muscle.

10. Increase Breast Size

Having healthy breasts and ideal size is the desire of all women. Women with proportional chest size will also look more attractive in appearance. It has been proven that the benefits of push-ups can increase breast size. Push movements performed with regular intensity will form the chest muscles become stronger.

In conclusion, in addition to eating herbal food or herbal drinks, it is better we keep exercising in order to keep our body shape remains stable. in addition to maintaining body shape, doing regular push-up exercises will make our body be healthy. Consumption of herbal food and exercise routine is a good combination to nourish the body.


Herbal Food of Purple Cabbage for Health

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Hi, My Herbal Friend, we meet again. This time, my article will be about the benefits of Purple Cabbage. The purple cabbage is one of herbal food, also known as red cabbage or purple cabbage, is a vegetable that has a delicious flavor when eaten raw or cooked. The purple cabbage is often processed into a salad, steamed, boiled, and also s a sauteed with other vegetables. Apart from that, the purple cabbage also provides a variety of good health benefits that will be discussed this time around. Here are the benefits of purple cabbage for health.

 1. Prevent cancer

One of the most important functions of this herbal food is its role in the prevention of cancer. This is due to the high antioxidant components contained in purple cabbage that can act as a cancer preventer.

 2. Help lose weight

 The purple cabbage contains low calories, but is high in fiber and has a variety of essential vitamins and minerals. This means that the purple cabbage can make you feel full longer and your daily nutritional needs can still be met, without having to consume more food.

 3. This Herbal food Prevent premature aging

Antioxidants contained in purple cabbage can not only protect you from the effects of free radicals such as cancer but also can help you in preventing the occurrence of signs of premature aging. Antioxidants can keep your skin fresh, tight, stay elastic, and reduce the common wrinkles and black spots.

 In addition, vitamin A level contained in purple cabbage is also very beneficial for skin health, skin cell regrowth, skin elasticity, and protection against damage caused by exposure to sunlight.

 4. Eye health

 The high vitamin a in purple cabbage is not only good for skin health, but also for eye health. Vitamin a can help maintain healthy vision function, prevent macular degeneration, and cataract formation.

 5. Bone mineral density

Like some other vegetables, purple cabbage is rich in calcium, magnesium, manganese, and other important minerals that play an important role in bone growth and also the density of minerals that can protect you against osteoporosis.

 6. Increase body resistance

 The purple cabbage contains the vitamin c needed by the body in order for the body to have a strong immune system. That way, purple cabbage can be a high-antioxidant food that can fight free radical damage and can strengthen the immune system.

 7. As anti-inflammation

The purple cabbage contains anti-inflammatory phytonutrients (anti-inflammatory). Therefore, by consuming purple cabbage can help you in preventing and treating arthritis and also rheumatic complications naturally.

 8. Preventing Alzheimer’s disease

One of the diseases that often attacks with age is Alzheimer’s disease. In this case, purple cabbage has been studied to be a very powerful food in protecting cognitive function in humans.

This herbal drinks can relieve bloating

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When I feel bloated, the stomach will feel bad. This had an impact on my mood that day. My activity will not feel maximal and performance will decrease. This often happens, so I have to do something so I do not often feel bloated. In the end, I read some references and get some herbal drinks that can relieve bloating.


When I get a reference that ginger can relieve bloating, I am so happy. Because ginger is one of my favorite herbal drinks. I used to make ginger when my stomach started to feel bloated. It’s easy to make this ginger drink. Heat enough water, crush the ginger first, then pour ginger and hot water in 1 cup, add sugar as desired, stir, and drink while warm.

Lemon is Herbal Drinks

A cup of warm lemon water can nourish the digestion and relieve stomach. Sometimes in the morning, I add grated lemon rind to tea in the morning to prevent bloating all day.

Chamomile Tea

Besides ginger and lemon, I get a reference also that chamomile tea can also relieve inflammation. In addition, this tea can also help sleep more soundly and release stress. Some experts recommend an anti-inflammatory diet can take this herbal drink to relieve bloating and menstrual pain.

Tea Dandellon

This herbal drink can help remove excess fluid in the body. The root of this plant can cleanse and nourish the digestion.


Fennel has anti-inflammatory substances that can help relax the muscles in the digestive tract. This will help relieve bloating.

It’s good we still have to maintain health, including food so as not to happen flatulence. Better every morning, you can try one of these herbal drinks so that your activities will not be disturbed because of flatulence.

In addition to these drinks, regular exercise is very helpful to digestion. Exercise can smooth the body’s metabolism so that the process of digestion of food can run normally and the stomach will not feel bloated.…

Herbal Remedy for Lemon and Soy Can Overcome Cough?

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Herbal medicine in the form of a solution of lemon juice and sweet soy sauce has become a recipe for hereditary heritage to overcome a stubborn cough. But actually what is contained in this solution so we so believe that this powerful herbal medicine cure itchy throat?

But during this time when I was exposed to a cough, I always take this herbal medicine. I drink 3 times a day and 3 – 4 days my cough healed.

Coughing is a natural reflex of the body protection system that arises when the airways behind the esophagus are irritated. This irritation triggers the lungs to release air with high pressure. Coughing helps clear the lungs and airways from foreign substances, such as smoke and mucus.

In addition, cough is generally a symptom of a viral or bacterial infection, as well as an allergic reaction. With a cough, it means the body works to remove viruses and allergies from your lungs.

Then, what is the true herbal medicine in the form of lemon juice and soy sauce powerful cough?

Lime many people use as one of the ingredients of herbal medicine because the fruit that has the Latin name Citrus aurantifolia contains essential oils and various substances that can relax the muscles in the respiratory tract.

Lime is also efficacious as a febrifuge and overcomes the hoarseness caused by the itchy throat, which may be another symptom that follows a cough.

However, pharmaceutical experts assert that lime and soy sauce solutions do not actually cure a cough itself either of virus or bacteria. This solution is merely useful for relieving the symptoms of the attendant.

The addition of soy sauce on orange juice is only useful for reducing the acidity of lime juice. Ketchup basically has no specific benefit for a cough and other respiratory disorders.

To make this herb concoction of cough medicine, you can squeeze half a slice of lemon then mixed with warm water as much as 100 ml. Once mixed, pour 2 tablespoons of honey into it. Drink while warm to feel the benefits on your throat.

What can cure a cough?

You need medicine to cure a cough along with other symptoms. Herbal medicine, regardless of their shape, are just as a support intake to maintain health, recovery of illness, relieve symptoms, or reduce the risk of illness – not to heal. Because the root causes of symptoms should first we avoid that all the complaints can really heal.

The type of cough medicine you use will depend on what causes a cough itself. If you cough due to bacterial and bacterial infections, you can use prescription antibiotics from your doctor. If a cough and other symptoms are viral, doctors may prescribe antiviral drugs, depending on the underlying conditions.

The choice of medication will also depend on the symptoms of a cough you are experiencing. Expectorant and mucolytic cough medicines (bromhexine) can be used to treat a cough with phlegm, while antitussive cough medicine to treat dry cough. Therefore, consult with your doctor about your health condition.…