Bean Sprouts have many Benefits

Bean sprouts is one type of vegetables that are often consumed.  Food menu also known as sprouts have a special content as well as antioxidant content, phytochemical compounds, vitamins a, c and e. So many nutrients that exist on this small-side dish menu.

Tauge is often used as a versatile vegetable, such as vegetable soup processing. Eating sprouts gives benefits to the body, here are the benefits:

Bean Sprouts Increases fertility

Male and female fertility makes it easy to have offspring. Just as the role of vitamin E content in this toge that gives fertility better for men and women. In addition, sprouts help women who experience menstrual disorders, before menstruation, menopause and premenopause.

Maintain normal gastric acid levels

Excess acidity in the stomach can cause a more severe risk, which can cause damage to the stomach. This makes our stomach ache and can experience mag pain. If we feel the mag pain, consuming this vegetable can neutralize the stomach acid that comes out. For that often eat this vegetable so that our stomach remain healthy and will not often experience mag pain.

Lowering bad cholesterol levels in the body

Saponin is a substance contained in bean sprouts, this substance can destroy bad cholesterol without eliminating good cholesterol. In that sense, the sprouts are capable of destroying excess fat in the body called this bad cholesterol. In addition to destroying bad fats, these vegetables can be for diet program.

Maintain bone health

This sprouts have a compound called natural estrogen, where this element will work as a natural synthesis process without causing side effects. In addition, this estrogen can to strengthen bones and stay healthy.

Okay, that’s some of the benefits of bean sprouts for health. So, do not look at one eye on this food even though it looks small.


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