Mangosteen Leaves have 10 Benefit for Health

Not only the mangosteen fruit is nutritious for your health, but also the leaves. Mangosteen leaves are long and slender in dark green. The tip is tapered to the inside. The surface of this leaf is smooth with a texture that is not too visible on the bone or leaf fiber.

It have some compounds that are beneficial to health. In addition to maintaining a healthy body, this leaves you can make herbal remedies to overcome disease complaints. In order not to be mistaken in understanding the benefits and properties of mangosteen leaves, we give details of some of the usefulness of this leaf for health are:

  1. Prevent cancer

Efficacy of the first mangosteen leaves as a leaf that will prevent cancer. This leaf is powerful to protect your body from the growth of cancer cells that will damage the body’s tissues.

  1. High antioxidants

The properties of this leaves are also great for being a natural antioxidant. This leaves will protect you from exposure to free radicals that can cause negative effects.

  1. Lose weight

Usefulness of mangosteen leaves can be used to lose weight. For those of you who have weight problems can use this leaf to maintain the balance of body weight.

  1. Prevent excessive cholesterol

Efficacy of this leaves for the body is also good for a leaf high cholesterol.  cholesterol that is too high will damage your body and also cause disease of deadly complications.

  1. Pain relief

The properties of mangosteen leaves can be anti-pain. If you have some pain that you want to overcome, you can try this leaf to relieve it without any sustained side effects.

  1. Mangosteen Leaf have Anti-inflammatory

 It have anti-inflammatory properties, which are properties that will overcome some of the inflammation in the body.

  1. Increase endurance

Strengthen your immunity using this leaves. This leaf has a good natural content to maintain your body resistance so that it can protect the body from disease attacks.

  1. Anti hypertension

Hypertension is a disease that makes your blood pressure go up. This disease can be very dangerous if not treated immediately.

  1. Smooth blood flow

The benefits of mangosteen leaves for the body is perfect for blood flow. Your blood will flow more smoothly and spread throughout the body.

  1. Diarrhea medicine

Who would have thought if the leaves of mangosteen have benefits in overcoming diarrhea? This leaves will relieve your diarrhea more naturally. The content in it will nourish your digestion and chase away the bacteria of diarrhea.

That’s the benefits of mangosteen leaves for health that you need to know. Hopefully useful to increase your knowledge in maintaining health. Good luck.…

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Lansium Parasiticum have many Benefit

Although the shape is small, but the nutritional content of this  fruit can not be underestimated. Like other tropical fruits, Lansium parasiticum and variety are also rich in antimicrobials obtained from vitamin C, B vitamins and some essential minerals for the body. Here we have summarized about the benefits of this fruit and nutritional content.

This fruit In addition to the sweet taste, also many nutritional content. No wonder Hamlet is believed to be a beneficial fruit for health. And here are some of the health benefits of this fruit.

1. Rich in Vitamin A

It is a fruit that is rich in vitamin A. The function of this vitamin is clear as the guardian of eye health so that the five senses that one can work well. Vitamin A includes fat-soluble vitamins, including retinol and carotenoids.

2. Rich in Vitamin B

In addition to vitamin A, This fruit is also a good source of vitamin B. Among other vitamin B1 (Thiamin) and vitamin B2 (Riboflavin). Thiamin function in the body is to help break down the sugar in the body, supporting body growth and producing red blood cells. While the function of Riboflavin is more to help the body release energy from carbohydrates.

3. Rich Fiber

Fiber is one of the substances that are needed by the body because of its excellent function for digestion. In 100 grams of Lansium parasiticum  fruit contained approximately 2 grams of fiber.

4. Sources of Antioxidants

Lansium parasiticum fruit is a natural source of antioxidants, a type of polyphenols that benefit the body. A study conducted by Food Chemistry in 2006 showed that the antioxidant fruit is similar to that found in other more famous tropical fruits, such as papaya and bananas.

5. Launch the digestive system

As previous information that fruit Lansium parasiticum has a high enough fiber content, which is 2 grams per 100 grams of fruit. Because the fiber content, it is feasible if the sweet fruit that can be as a drug for digestion.

6. Lansium Parasiticum Controlling cholesterol

High cholesterol is very harmful to health because it can cause life-threatening diseases such as coronary heart disease and stroke. Moreover, if cholesterol already clogs blood vessels.

7. Help the diet program

For those of you who are running a diet program to lose weight, consume Lansium parasiticum can be very helpful. The benefits of this fruit can be for this diet because it can burn fat.

8. Maintain healthy gums

The lack of vitamin C can be a cause of a toothache and swollen gums. Therefore we should meet the daily needs of vitamin C. In the fruit Lansium parasiticum, vitamin C content is quite a lot.

9. Accelerate recovery

The content of vitamin C in fruits including Lansium parasiticum, was able to accelerate the recovery process for the sick. This is because vitamin C is an active antioxidant that can restore body functions. g.

10. Prevent premature aging

Almost all fruits and vegetables have this ability. Because of its free anti-radical properties that can ward off pollutants cause damage to skin tissue. But of course in addition to consuming the fruit should also have a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly.

11. Improve immunity

Almost all types of fruits and vegetables have the ability to increase endurance. This is because fruits and vegetables contain high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants.

Okay, that’s a variety of benefits Lansium parasiticum ranging from fruit, seeds to the skin.Make this also can be as a traditional medicine.…

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Lansium domesticum fruit for body

Small round fruit is often consumed only as a dessert, but this fruit can be used maximally as jam, stuffing pudding, and others. Lansium domesticum fruit is still raw greenish color and it tastes sour, if the color has begun yellowish, this is a sign that fruit is cooked and has a more sweet taste. Here are some of the benefits of fruit for health that you should know:

Source of antioxidant

Duku fruit contains the benefits of vitamin c which acts as an antioxidant. Antioxidant itself is a nutrient that works to avoid the body from damage caused by free radicals. This damage is usually caused by a process of digestion that converts food into energy in the body.

Prevent premature aging

Usefulness of other duku fruit that will prevent premature aging. One of the factors causing premature aging is due to free radicals. As mentioned above, vitamin c in this fruit is very effective to keep the body from free radical attack.

Strengthening teeth

Duku fruit efficacious to strengthen the teeth because of the phosphorus content in it. Teeth will become strong and healthy if often consume this fruit. Stoberi can also support for dental health.

Maintaining gum health

Gum health can be treated by consuming vitamin c. As already mentioned that the fruit duku have vitamin c content that many so nutritious to maintain healthy gums.

Improving the immune system

Everyone needs vitamin C to maintain health. The content of vitamin c in the fruit duku efficacious to maintain immunity and efficacious also for people who are in the recovery period.

Lose weight

This fruit is also able to lose weight for those of you who want to have the ideal body. But of course also have to exercise.. Lansium domesticum fruit will help the body to get carnitine. Carnitine will direct the fat molecule to a fat-burning tissue.

Radiating the digestive system

Duku fruits contain very high fiber so useful for digestion. In addition, this fruit is also nutritious to prevent cancer in the digestive tract.

Maintain skin health

Eating foods that contain vitamin e has benefits to nourish the skin. Duku fruit also contains vitamin e so effective to maintain healthy skin

Controlling cholesterol levels

The metabolism of cholesterol in the body will become bile acids. Consuming this fruit, can help people with cholesterol.

Overcoming diarrhea and fever

Lansium domesticum fruit efficacious can effectively treat diarrhea and also beneficial to reduce heat or high fever.

Expel the mosquitoes

In addition to the fruit is rich in benefits, it turns out duku skin also has the benefit of mosquito repellent or insects such as the benefits of bay leaves. By burning the skin of this fruit, can repel mosquitoes and insects.

Instead of sweet oranges and apples, the calorie content in this fruit is very high. This fruit contains vitamin C and E which is an antioxidant. Lansium domesticum fruit also contains lanzones, so it can provide protection against the digestive system.…

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Japanese ants can Treat stroke

Benefits of this Ants for health – what do you think about ants? Surely most of you feel they are annoying insects because often clustered with her herd and “attack” food as well as places at home. But not the same thing with this because they have many benefits. What are the benefits of Japanese ants? This article will discuss it about benefit of Japanese ants. Japanese ants are believed to have many benefits for the human body. All diseases can be cured and prevented. As for the benefits of Japanese ants for health:

Relieve heart disease

The most deadly heart disease that can affect people at any age.

Set cholesterol levels

Humans also need cholesterol, but with levels that are not excessive. This animal is very good to regulate cholesterol levels of patients and normal people.

Set blood pressure

To do this, the enzyme contained in the body of the ant is useful.

Relieve diabetes

The nature of the ant is like sugar. so ants can also treat people with diabetes.

Adding vitamins

This animal can be an additional energy for you who have activity every day. This ant Can also increase vitality for women and men. After consuming your strength and stamina will be better.

Japanese Ants Treat stroke

The greatest benefit of Japanese ants is to treat stroke. But still must first see as severe illness.

Overcome gout disease

The main cause of uric acid is the pattern of life. This Japanese ant can make the pain of the sufferer less.…

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Benefit of honey for health

Honey, has long been known as a benefit nutritious food for health.Consume honey can be directly or can mix it with other food ingredients. Can also be a drink, such as honey with warm water. Some studies show that a mixture of honey and warm water has many health benefits for the body. Here are the benefits of honey and warm water:

Overcome a cough and cold

Honey has a healing effect due to cold infection and warm water treating your sore throat. Honey with warm water also helps to bring out the accumulated phlegm.

Lose weight

The combination of honey and warm water can help burn fat. Therefore, drink a glass of this herb each morning so you can lower the extra fat deposits in the body.

Intestinal movement

Drinking a mixture of honey with warm water can help to keep bowel movements regularly. In addition, when a bowel movement is very subtle, it indirectly helps cleanse the colon from toxins.

Increase body energy

Honey gives you energy but does not make you fat. Therefore, ideally, you should drink this healthy drink every morning.

Enhance the immune system

One of the health benefits of honey is to increase immunity to a cough and cold. Not only that, these drinks cleanse the digestive system and increase the strength of the body to fight disease.

Prevents dehydration

A mixture of warm water and honey can help to increase fluid in your body. So you stay hydrated and energetic throughout the day.

Good Benefit for digestion

Honey has an enzyme that can help you digest food. If you have digestive problems then you should drink honey with warm water after eating the core food.

Okay, that’s some of the health benefits of honey you need to know. Also, read various honey properties for beauty. Maybe useful.…

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Guava Fruit Good for Curing Sores

Guava fruit that has a Latin name Psidium guajava L has many contents at once good for the health of the body.

Guava fruit laden with vitamin C so suitable to be used as a thrush or just to relieve thirst. In simple stalls or restaurants are usually listed this juice menu using ice. Seeing this is, of course, the fruit is much in demand of the tongue of the community in the world, many residents who talk about the greatness of this fruit. The benefits of guava fruit are:

Guava Leaf Seed Diarrhea

Diarrhea or dysentery occurs because of the frequency of eating spicy foods, for example, sambal. Patients will often defecate but the stools issued form liquid.

Treatment of diarrhea can use 30 grams of cashew leaf, then mix it with a handful of rice flour and water 1 to 2 cups. Boil all ingredients, strain and drink the water 2 times a day.

Overcome canker sores with Guava

Because full of vitamin C of guava fruit as a favorite fruit to treat canker sores.

Treatment of canker sores with guava begins by washing one segment of the bark of guava leaf and one hand of guava leaf, then boiled in 1 liter of water. Wait to boil, strain the water and drink after a cold.

Leaf Guava Seeds Whitish

Immediately, you prepare two handfuls of young guava leaves and 7 pieces of betel leaf, both wash clean. Boil in a glass of water and strain. Ignore a little cold then drink, twice a day and routine.

Treating Diabetes

Excess blood sugar levels can trigger diabetes, to treat it can take advantage of natural methods such as drinking a concoction of guava.

The trick is to wash the guava half-baked, then split into several parts. Boil in one liter of water, then strain the water and drink twice a day.

Treating Hemorrhoids

Take the young guava leaves (leaf buds) and one ripe banana. Wash both materials, then mash until smooth. Squeeze them both up to water, then drink this herb regularly until healed.…

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Oyster Mushrooms Good for The Body

Oyster mushroom is one of the plants that become a good source of protein for the body. In addition, It also contain essential amino acids are complete and good for the health of the body. Well, the various benefits of oyster mushrooms for the health of this body will be discussed below. Benefits of this is for health:

Evil cholesterol controller

The nutritional value of oyster mushroom is equivalent to meat. However, what distinguishes it is the content of 0% cholesterol in it. Excess oyster mushrooms compared with meat is oyster mushrooms can provide adequate nutrition without adding bad cholesterol in the body.

Improve body immunity

The content of vitamin c in t this plays an important role to improve the body’s immune system. In addition, it oyster mushrooms also contain magnesium which is also good for the body. These contents make some experts recommend eating these plants regularly so that the immune system is maintained.

Help fight free radicals

It contains compounds that are quite important and needed by the body of riboflavin, niacin, and selenium. Antioxidants in it can fight free radicals that cause the body’s cells become damaged.

Intake of nutrition for pregnant women

For pregnant women who are in need of more nutrition, can consume this. Benefits of oyster mushrooms for pregnant women that is a sufficient intake of nutrients and is needed in every day to grow fetal growth better.

Tumor virus destroyer

Iron is present in this have an important role that helps the growth of lymphocytes. This compound serves to destroy tumor cells or viral diseases. For the adam, at least should consume 8 milligrams of iron every day while for women need 18 milligrams. One cup of oyster mushrooms have a 12 percent percentage of daily intake for men and 6 percent for women.

Alternative protein sources

It contains a complete amino acid. Therefore, the protein in dried oyster mushrooms can reach 10.5-30.4% which means higher than rice which is only 7.3% and wheat is 13.2%. Even more astonishing is the protein content in oyster mushrooms can be higher than in cow’s milk which reaches 25.2%.

Helps protect the heart and lower blood pressure

Substance ergosterol in oyster mushrooms will turn into vitamin d when exposed to ultraviolet light. The role of vitamin d is here to regulate the immune enzymes and regulate the various genes that affect cell growth in the body. Vitamin d in mushrooms can also help lower blood pressure as well as maintain heart health.

Breast cancer prevention

In the fungus, there is beta-glucan and linoleic acid. For beta-glucan alone can serve as a barrier to the growth of prostate cancer cells in men. While linoleic acid has a role to suppress the onset of estrogen effect that causes breast cancer in women after menopause.


In oyster mushrooms, if when consumed it has a significant antibacterial activity. Active benzaldehyde compounds in oyster mushrooms can reduce the level of bacteria that cause stress.

Reduce prostate cancer risk

Mushrooms contain selenium that is useful to prevent prostate cancer. Because in a study states that by consuming 2 servings a day can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Oyster Mushrooms Can overcome liver

The main function of the liver is an antidote and if not properly guarded will be at risk for liver disease. One function of oyster mushrooms as anti-bacterial and anti-tumor that can as antidote contained in the body.

Can lose body

Mushrooms have a high protein content but have low calorie and cholesterol and have a high water content of up to 80%. Mushrooms are also rich in fiber so that it can lose weight.

Well, from now on you do not need to have the thought that the mushrooms are poisonous or mushroom just as a filling snack option. After knowing the oyster mushroom properties above, you can consider the oyster mushrooms as one of the nutritious foods.…

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