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Sunday, November 11, 2012

How to treat shrimp allergy naturally

Shrimp is one of allergy-causing seafood. Usually that causes allergies are small shrimp itching, the appearance of rash on the skin and red spots after consuming shrimp is the first symptom you have shrimp allergies. Other symptoms such as shortness of breath, heart palpitations and coughing. Well, after i had discussed about the nutrition and benefits of shrimp, this time my turn to provide information on how to treat shrimp allergy.

Treat shrimp allergy

Here are some natural shrimp allergy remedies that you can use if there are families or neighbors who have shrimp allergies, as reported by boldsky page.


The use of lemon or lime is very helpful for all types of allergies, especially shrimp allergies. When we experience symptoms such as itching, immediately drink a glass of warm water plus lemon or lime juice. This can reduce the onset of skin rash on the body.


Honey can also help cure shrimp allergy. When it starts to feel itch after eating shrimp or ebi, drink a glass of warm water plus a tablespoon of honey. Honey contains several types of vitamins that can help relieve itching.

Foods that contain vitamin e

To cure allergies due to shrimp, we can eat foods that contain vitamin e. Foods rich in vitamin e such as pickled olives, pistachios, peanuts, etc. Vitamin e is an anti-allergen that helps get rid of and prevent any type of food allergy.

Vegetable juice

Protein in vegetable juice helps reduce swelling in the tongue. Vegetable juices such as carrots mixed with cucumber or beet root with spinach can help cure allergies.


Drinking a cup of warm ginger tea can cure allergies due to shrimp or other seafood. Ginger is useful for reducing red and itchy rash caused by shrimp.

Well, so even though the shrimp is a delicious food and rich in nutrients but if you have allergies to shrimp, of course you should refrain from taking them.

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