Orchid Pigeons for Health and Medicine

Orchid is famous for its beauty and fragrance has many variants one of which is a pigeon orchid. Named pigeon orchids because the flowers are white and look like a bunch of doves that are flying.

pigeon black orchid is not only beautiful and fragrant tetepi can to treat some types of diseases. This is caused by the content of several compounds contained in these plants such as kardenolin, polyphenols, alkaloids mikelarbina and liriodenina, and flavonoids. Here are some diseases that can heal by consuming pigeon orchid ingredients:

Orchid Overcoming brain cancer

Cancer or malignant tumors that attack the brain make the sufferer experience symptoms such as easy drowsiness, excessive fatigue, vomiting, and impaired walking, sight, and speech. In addition to using medical treatment, we can also cope with this disease using natural ingredients such as pigeon orchids so that more minimal side effects.

Overcoming a dry cough

Although in general, a dry cough can heal by itself but this disease is really torturous because it makes the throat hurt. For those of you who do not like taking drugs, you can try this orchid juice by 50 grams of pigeon orchids that previously had to wash and pound it first.

Overcoming rheumatism

Rheumatism is a disease that attacks the joints and when the relapse feels pain, pain, and accompanied by other complaints such as fever so it is very disturbing the smooth activities of every day. To relieve this disease you can consume boiled water pigeon orchid.

Overcoming inflammation

Swelling, burning, and pain are some symptoms of inflammation as a sign that immunity is reacting to infection and irritation. This proves that the immune system is at work. Overcoming the inflammation can be by consuming this pigeon orchid juice

Treating pain in the ears

Pepper orchids can also treat earache. How to make the orchid herb jasmine as a drop in the ear.

Overcoming cholera

Poor sanitation is usually the cause of the outbreak of cholera disease somewhere. People suffering from this disease will experience very severe diarrhea to cause dehydration and if not treated properly can result in death.

Overcoming leucorrhoea

Basically whitish is a normal thing and generally occurs before and after menstruation and has characteristics such as clear, odorless, and does not cause itching. However, if leucorrhea already shows signs of abnormal as yellowish or greenish, accompanied by itching, smelling, and going on and on then this should be wary of whitish abnormalities.

Very useful is not it? This is a beautiful plant, easy to get, and rich in benefits. Therefore if you see this plant around you should not be thrown away or cut down. Better left or maintained so that if at any time needed can be directly utilized.…

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Onion can Managing Diabetes

Many people cultivate onions because of large round and fleshy. Here’s an article on some of the benefits of onions for health. Onion has a distinctive aroma different from ordinary onion, onion bulbs form from a large layer of leaves and unite.

This tree grows upright, has fiber roots. The leaves have a pipe-like shape but are flat green and larger than red onion leaf. Here are the benefits of onions for health:

Good for health 

onions can prevent tooth decay and oral infections. Chewing raw onions for 2 to 3 minutes can potentially kill all germs in the mouth area and surrounding places such as the throat and lips.

Improving the immune system of body

Onion also contains vitamin c which is used to boost the immune system to protect the body from toxins and various bacteria that can cause disease.

For Anticoagulants

Onions act as anticoagulants known as blood thinners, which can prevent red blood cells from clumping. Because in case of blood clots can cause heart problems or cardiovascular disease.

Managing diabetes

Onions contain chromium which is a relatively hard mineral naturally in food. Chromium helps the body regulate blood sugar levels and ensures glucose gradually or slowly spreads to muscles and body cells.

Onion can Treat the inside attack attack

You can consume onion juice to reduce the pain caused by honey bee stings and scorpion stings as well. The onion odor can also be used as an insect repellent.

Cancer prevention

Onions are rich in quercetin which inhibits the development and spread of cancer cells. Quercetin is a powerful antioxidant compound that has been consistently able to prevent and reduce the spread of cancer. In addition, vitamin c content can also reduce the presence and impact of free radicals throughout the body.

Treating earn potential

A few drops of onion juice can be beneficial for individuals suffering from acute ears. The sound of ringing in the ear can be cured by applying onion juice through a piece of cotton.

Onion Help treat a cough

Eating onion juice and honey can reduce a sore throat and cough symptoms.

Prevent anemia

Onions contain minerals, especially iron, which is an important part of producing new red blood cells so it is very useful to prevent anemia.

Purchase put angle

Onions have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that can relieve stomach pain and other gastric syndromes. This is due to the content of saponins in onions that have an antispasmodic ability that prevents stomach upsets and improves stomach function.

Anti early agency

Onions have enormous anti-aging benefits. Vitamins A, C and E on onions can fight damage caused by harmful UV rays and prevent free radical damage that can cause premature aging.…

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Melon Fruit Have Many Benefit For Health

Melon fruit has long been excellent and easy to find. Most melons serve in the form of fruit ice, candied fruit or indirect consumption. Melon is a fruit name that belongs to the Cucurbitaceae. Plants that propagate and creep, leaves shaped fingers, and texture of fruit flesh is soft and watery and white to red. Here are some benefits of melon fruit for the health of the human body.

Good for digestive health

Dietary fiber, especially soluble fiber like pectin, contained in very high melon. These fibers can help relieve constipation, make bowel movements smooth and able to overcome gastrointestinal problems

Boost the immune system and prevent cancer

Benefits of melon because it has a high content of vitamin C, vitamin A, and carotenoids and bioflavonoids. All these substances are antioxidants that can increase endurance. That is why eating melons can protect our body from various diseases including cancer.

Melon can Reduce stress

work and the number of tasks make you become stressed? Try to reap the benefits of melon fruit, because it is rich in potassium that can normalize the heartbeat and increase oxygen supply to the brain, making you feel more relaxed and focused. In addition, melons contain superoxide dismutase that can combat stress by lowering blood pressure and calming the nerves

Useful for lung

perhaps many of us do not know that melons are one of the best fruits for our lungs? Intake of melons regularly fills the body from the loss of vitamin an over periods caused by continuous smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke. Melon helps rejuvenate the lungs and is very beneficial for smokers whose lungs have been severely damaged by smoking.

Help reduce weight

Melons can help weight loss due to low calorie and high fiber. Filling your stomach with a diet high in fiber can make you feel full longer. This prevents you from overeating and craving for the night.

Relieve toothache

Who would have thought, melon fruit can relieve a toothache. It turns out the benefits are contained in the skin melon. To get the benefits of this melon fruit, you need to take about 6 grams of melon skin, added water and bring to a boil. Chill, strain, and use as a mouthwash.…

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