Herbal Medicine Should be Appropriate Dosage

The use of herbal medicine that has no side effects make people comfortable and safe to consume them. So they use this herbal medicine without calculation. This is because the effects of herbs tend to be lighter than synthetic drugs. if we compare with chemical drugs, herbal medicine is likely to be safer. Because the active substance in herbal medicine is not as big as on chemical drugs.

Like synthetic drugs, herbal remedies have specific uses. To obtain maximum results, must use the appropriate dose. Determination of the dose depends on the purpose of the treatment itself and how severe the disease is.

I give examples of the use of herbal remedies such as ginger rhizome. Many people often use ginger to get a sense of warmth. If 250 milliliters alone is enough to warm the body, do not need to drink 1 liter.

The quality of herbal medicine depends on the extracted results

The quality of herbal treatment depends on the compounds we extract. In the herb contained hundreds of types of active substances that can cure various diseases. Excellence that sometimes makes the herb that many people consider as a medicine of God.

With the extract, herbal medicine becomes more specific with an adjustable dose. Doctors recommend treating herbs as synthetic. For example, eat before taking the drug, and consume according to the recommended dosage.
The existence of herbs can actually replace synthetic drugs. So when appropriate, herbs and synthetics we can use together without side effects.

We can use herbs as adjuvant or main therapy

Adjunctive function, for example, can be found in meniran for whitish treatment due to fungus. Meniran will fight mushrooms.

The function of herbs as main therapy goal to increase endurance. This function can also be obtained from a meniran extract in roots, stems, leaves, and fruit. Regular consumption causes the endurance to always be in a state of preparation for state when bacteria or viruses invade.

In conclusion, herbal remedies are not 100% safe if we consume not with the right dosage. If excessive will certainly not be safe. Taking herbal medicine should also be appropriate to the disease we are suffering and should see the patient’s disease history.…

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