4 Herbal Plant and Benefits for Health

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Surely you are no stranger to hear Wild Ginger, Meniran, cumin, and Kayu Manis. This Herbal Plant that are very easy to get. But there are still many people who do not know the benefits of these crops for health. Maybe only a handful of people who consume it. I am a fan of herbal plants, I consume to boost immunity because of the many activities that I do so that does not get sick easily. Here I review a little about the four benefits of herbal plants.

In one herb plant, it contains many benefits for the body. Excess herbs, that is not just one function only. Compounds in herbal medicine are intact. Thus, the active compound in its natural form is more easily synchronized with the body’s metabolic system.

Temulawak as an herbal plant

We know Temulawak as a protector of the heart. We can use the rhizomes or stems that spread down the ground. In addition to preventing liver disease, a stew of Temulawak rhizome can lower cholesterol and can increase bile. Ginger can also relieve joint pain, anti-inflammatory, laxatives, to launch milk production


Meniran includes wild herbs, which we can find in fields, rocky soil, or damp forests. This herbal plant extract has been clinically tested as an immunomodulator or increased endurance. In the roots and leaves Meniran, contain the compound Flavonoid. We can use this plant to help cure malaria, canker sores, shed kidney stones, to be able to relieve urinary tract infections and bladder inflammation.

Black Cumin

Like Meniran, black cumin is an herbal plant that can boost immunity. Black cumin contains myristate, myristoleic, palmitoleic, margarine, linoleic, behenic, until lignoceric acid. Other functions that are, help protect the respiratory system, improve brain function, help overcome insomnia, to protect the body from the effects of stress. Black cumin for the immunity of people who often get typhoid. It is also good for treating gastrointestinal infections


Cinnamon is very famous as a spice or can as a spice cook. We wear the bark of the wood because it contains trans-cinnamaldehyde.
So far we know Cinnamon to help balance blood sugar levels for diabetic patients. In addition, this herbal plant can lower cholesterol, high blood pressure, blood circulation, and warm the body. Seeing these amazing properties should be able to utilize the herbs with a good plant.

However, be careful when buying illegal herbal medicinal products because we can not ascertain how the manufacturing process and worry there is a mixture of chemicals.