Broccoli is Good for Body Health


Green vegetables are proven to have good health benefits for the body. The content in it is better than other vegetables. It’s the same with broccoli that has many benefits as well.

The content of this vegetable can provide health benefits for everyone, from being a child to old age. Therefore, it serve as the main food menu for patients with various diseases. And here are the benefits.

Broccoli Keep the digestive system

Digestive disorders consist of gastric and ulcer infections. If you have this problem then increase the consumption of this vegetable. In this vegetable, there are substances sulforaphane that serves to suppress the disease. These substances will affect the production of cancer-causing enzymes in the liver.

Keep eye health

Not just carrots that have these benefits, broccoli also has a lot of vitamin A. In that vegetable there is lutein that keeps the eye from the damage caused by aging as well as sunlight.

Control cholesterol

Fiber in these vegetables can control the buildup of cholesterol. So it can help nourish the heart. But it is best to cook by boiling it.

Improve your immune system

The benefits of this broccolo because it contains vitamin C which is a “weapon” to boost the immune system. So that your body will not often attacked by dangerous diseases.

Source of antioxidants

Vitamin C also has a role to be an antioxidant that benefits to combat free radicals.

Heart health

Glucoraphanin content that can bring this benefit. The amount in broccoli is a lot.

Control blood pressure

The benefits of broccoli for this comes from potassium. So broccoli is very good consumed high blood sufferers.

Prevent cancer

All types of cancer, especially breast and prostate can be prevented by this vegetable. Because of the content of phytochemicals, isothiocyanate, and indole.

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