Maintenance Muscle with Folic Acid

Folic acid is one of the beneficial vitamins for maintenance body. Folic acid is a multifunctional vitamin that belongs to the B complex vitamin B9 class. The greatest benefit of folic acid in addition to the health of the body is also very important for pregnant women and the development of the fetus is conceived.

Folic acid has a role in the state of the heart. One of which is the content of Holstein in the heart will be dangerous if increased because it can cause problems hardening of the arteries or cardiovascular problems so that folic acid can lower levels of homocysteine in the heart. The benefits of folic acid for health are:

Minimize the risk of stroke

Excessive production of homocysteine causes damage to diseases that can contribute to stroke disease even if the stroke itself can be caused by many factors. Therefore folic acid can reduce excessive homocysteine.

Good for pregnant women

Pregnant women need folic acid and become one of the mandatory vitamins in the consumption of pregnant women.

Reduces anemia

Folic acid has benefits for the formation of blood cells in the body. Folic acid supplements can reduce anemia deficiency intake of folic acid can cause anemia. So it is advisable to consume foods that contain folic acid so it can keep the cell formation rate in order not to experience anemia.

Good for skin health

Folic acid acts as a useful nutrient for living cells. In addition to beneficial in the formation of red blood cells, cells that are deficient with the help of folic acid is a skin cell. Folic acid also helps regenerate skin cells.

Helps hemoglobin formation

Benefits of folic acid as a nutrient that helps the formation of blood cells where blood cells contain hemoglobin that can channel oxygen throughout the body. Folic acid helps the formation of hemoglobin so that the body needs get enough oxygen.

Helps the formation and maintenance of muscle

Folic acid plays a nutrient that can maintain health. For someone who wants to form or repair muscle tissue then requires intake of nutrients that contain folic acid.…

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Dates are Excellent for People with Anemia

Dates are a very good fruit for the health of the body, especially people who have anemia.

Have you ever experienced symptoms of fatigue, breathing hunting, frequent headaches, insomnia and pale face? Maybe you’re having anemia. Anemia is a condition in which the body lacks red blood cells. The red blood cells function to bind oxygen and pass it along with nutrients to the cells of the body.

Bleeding, menstruation, pregnancy, iron deficiency, and body system disorders can cause anemia. Uniquely anemic patients caused by a deficiency of iron intake usually show behavioral disorders that want to spend paper, soil or objects that do not have the nutrients the body needs. This condition is named Pica. Anemia requires high levels of food that has iron. Dates are very suitable for consumption by people with anemia. Some of the benefits of stock dates:


People have anemia often feel tired and weak because the body can not absorb nutrients optimally. Try eating 5 dates. The energy contained in 5 dates is equivalent to 130 KJ. Shorter digestion process can produce energy that can flow throughout the body, so the body will not feel weak.

Dates Fruit has a high iron content

Anemia causes one of them is iron. Iron is a major substance in the formation of hemoglobin in red blood cells. Hemoglobin is what can bind to oxygen and nutrients to die in the body. Consuming 3-5 seeds of dates per day can help the body meet the intake of iron so that it can produce more red blood cells.

Essential for bone health and bone marrow

Dates are also rich in other minerals such as potassium, calcium, and phosphorus. This mineral is very good for bone health and human bone marrow. By fulfilling the nutrients for bone and marrow, then the production of red blood cells will not be disturbed.

Prevent anemia in pregnant women

Pregnant women usually suffer from anemia because the fetus requires a lot of nutrients. Dates help eliminate anemia in pregnant women by providing high energy and stimulate the production of red blood cells in the body of pregnant women. The body of the mother’s victims will not lack nutrients as well.

Please note the consumption of dates per day should not be much. Hyperglycemia and diabetes are risks that must be dated in excess daily.…

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