Herbal Food: Benefits of red dragon fruit

hello friend, how are you? hope you stay healthy and always eat herbal food. My article this time will discuss the benefits of herbal foods, namely dragon fruit.

This fruit is very good to be consumed regularly. The content in it proved able to strengthen the body’s immune system, in addition, there are many other vitamin contents in it. Benefits of dragon fruit content are very good for the fulfillment of vitamin and mineral requirement on the human body.

The benefits of consuming this herbal food are very diverse. Starting from the benefits that can be felt directly by the body to the benefits that are not felt directly, long-term alias. Some parts of red dragon fruit have different benefits and benefits. Starting from the stem, meat, and skin contained vitamins and substances rich in benefits. On this occasion the discussion focused on the benefits of red dragon fruit is as follows:

Helps lower cholesterol levels

In the body, the content of vitamin b3 in red dragon fruit is very good to help lower cholesterol levels in the body. It is advisable for those who have high cholesterol levels to eat this fruit. As we know that cholesterol is very dangerous when it is high, serious illnesses such as coronary heart disease and stroke.

Helps relieve a cough

The benefits of the next red dragon fruit that can help relieve cough disease. Again this property is mediated by the content of vitamin b3 in it.

Helps in the cure of cancer

The doctors have recommended consuming red dragon fruit in order to help cure cancer. The content of vitamin complex is very useful for the therapeutic process in curing the disease

Relieves asthma

For someone who suffers from asthma is highly recommended to consume red dragon fruit. This is because the vitamin b3 content in it that is able to help relieve asthma.

Stabilize high blood pressure fruit

A red dragon with vitamin b3 it is very good for consumption for high blood sufferers. Doctors also recommend consuming lots of this fruit for people with the disease.

Preventing osteoporosis

Eating red dragon fruit is very good for preventing diseases bone loss or commonly known as osteoporosis. This is because in the fruit there is an excellent organic calcium content for bone.

Helps cure diabetes disease

The sweet taste of red dragon fruit does not come from glucose so it is safe for people with diabetes. Even some experts also mentioned that the benefits of red dragon fruit can also help the healing of people with the disease.

Helps eye health care

The content of beta-carotene in red dragon fruit is able to help care for eye health so it is very good to be consumed.

Help reduce weight

One of the efforts in losing weight is to regularly eat foods rich in fiber and low in calories. Eating red dragon fruit can be a good alternative choice for you who are undergoing weight loss program.…

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Fruit is a Herbal Food that Have Many Benefit

Fruit is an herbal food that everyone would love. In addition to having a source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, also has a fresh taste. We need diverse foods every day, especially herbal foods.

I am a fan of this herbal food, I regularly consume for every day. Each fruit has different nutritional and health benefits. Here are some of the fruits that I often eat and have their own benefits:

Eating Apples can lose weight

When I was on a diet program, I always eat an apple. Apple fruit is a fruit that has a lot of fiber, so I can feel full for a long time. Some studies explain that apples can lower high blood pressure and control cholesterol levels to remain normal.

Pineapple fruit, is a powerful herbal food to prevent inflammation

I love with this herbal food, it’s sour sweet taste makes me like to consume as a closing meal or as a snack that I eat during the day. This fruit has a high anti-inflammatory substance and makes us more resistant to infectious diseases. In addition, this fruit has an enzyme that can prevent us from heart disease.

Mango fruit can encourage the immune system

This fruit has vitamin A which has benefits for bone health and immune system. In addition, this herbal food has a high vitamin C so it can make us have an immune system.

Guava Fruit Seeds can raise the platelet level down

Guava is a fruit that can raise platelet levels are down. Dengue patients often eat these fruits to increase platelet levels in the body. In addition, the vitamin C content of guava is very high, which is about 90 mg per 100 grams of fruit.

Pomegranate is a fruit rich in antioxidants

Pomegranate has a higher antioxidant content of green tea that can make us stay young. Powerful antioxidants prevent the occurrence of free radicals in the body which is the cause of damage to cells, including skin cells.

Bananas are a hungry solution during the day

I am a fan of bananas. While exercising, I used to eat bananas to increase energy. In addition, bananas have high carbohydrate and fiber content, so it can make full satiety longer, so when I feel hungry during the day, I always eat bananas.…

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Morning exercise can increase metabolism

I am a person who loves sports, and I prefer to exercise early in the morning because it can increase my metabolism so as to make fitness goals achieved. I will also be more productive throughout the day because of the motivation I have in the morning.
Here are 5 reasons why exercise in the morning benefits more:

Exercising early in the morning Faster build muscle

If you do not see the results of your weight training, then try to exercise in the morning. Exercise in the morning more quickly helps muscle formation. This is nothing but the vital hormone-like levels of testosterone that build muscle mass – higher in the morning. You get the benefits of hormonal turns, because in the morning the level peaked, while as the day began to fall.

Increase metabolism

It’s common knowledge that metabolism is an important part of losing weight. This can not be separated because of its function to burn energy and calories from food. Well, weight, age, gender, and genetics affect the speed of metabolism. When metabolism slows down, the process of burning calories also follows, which eventually makes the body grow fat faster. One way to cope with exercise, because exercise is definitely able to increase metabolism.

However, the degree of improvement depends on the level of fitness and activity you choose. All activities are the same, but an exercise in the morning will help boost the metabolism faster, which can eventually burn more calories during the day. This phenomenon is referred to as the afterburn effect, where the body keeps burning calories even though we have finished the sport and are in rest mode.

More freely

When coming to the gym, we often find the place full and noisy. Not to mention we have to queue long to use fitness equipment there. As a result, we will not reach the target quickly. It is easier to reach an exercise program when the facilities are not crowded and do not need to queue up. Well, it only happens in the morning.

A bit of distraction and temptation

There will not be much disturbance when choosing exercise in the morning. Unlike if you choose after work home, which of course more challenges, ranging from lack of spirit, been tired, stuck in traffic, or invited to hang out friends office. Well, if you’ve been exercising in the morning, you will not worry about the distractions and temptations. You will be much more consistent with an exercise program when it is done earlier than delaying it.

Quality time

You definitely need quality time with family, right? If so, exercise morning, after waking up. That way, you can directly meet the wife’s children after coming home from the office. That’s why exercise in the morning, usually better and more successful than in the afternoon.…

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4 Herbal Plant and Benefits for Health

Surely you are no stranger to hear Wild Ginger, Meniran, cumin, and Kayu Manis. This Herbal Plant that are very easy to get. But there are still many people who do not know the benefits of these crops for health. Maybe only a handful of people who consume it. I am a fan of herbal plants, I consume to boost immunity because of the many activities that I do so that does not get sick easily. Here I review a little about the four benefits of herbal plants.

In one herb plant, it contains many benefits for the body. Excess herbs, that is not just one function only. Compounds in herbal medicine are intact. Thus, the active compound in its natural form is more easily synchronized with the body’s metabolic system.

Temulawak as an herbal plant

We know Temulawak as a protector of the heart. We can use the rhizomes or stems that spread down the ground. In addition to preventing liver disease, a stew of Temulawak rhizome can lower cholesterol and can increase bile. Ginger can also relieve joint pain, anti-inflammatory, laxatives, to launch milk production


Meniran includes wild herbs, which we can find in fields, rocky soil, or damp forests. This herbal plant extract has been clinically tested as an immunomodulator or increased endurance. In the roots and leaves Meniran, contain the compound Flavonoid. We can use this plant to help cure malaria, canker sores, shed kidney stones, to be able to relieve urinary tract infections and bladder inflammation.

Black Cumin

Like Meniran, black cumin is an herbal plant that can boost immunity. Black cumin contains myristate, myristoleic, palmitoleic, margarine, linoleic, behenic, until lignoceric acid. Other functions that are, help protect the respiratory system, improve brain function, help overcome insomnia, to protect the body from the effects of stress. Black cumin for the immunity of people who often get typhoid. It is also good for treating gastrointestinal infections


Cinnamon is very famous as a spice or can as a spice cook. We wear the bark of the wood because it contains trans-cinnamaldehyde.
So far we know Cinnamon to help balance blood sugar levels for diabetic patients. In addition, this herbal plant can lower cholesterol, high blood pressure, blood circulation, and warm the body. Seeing these amazing properties should be able to utilize the herbs with a good plant.

However, be careful when buying illegal herbal medicinal products because we can not ascertain how the manufacturing process and worry there is a mixture of chemicals.…

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Onion can Managing Diabetes

Many people cultivate onions because of large round and fleshy. Here’s an article on some of the benefits of onions for health. Onion has a distinctive aroma different from ordinary onion, onion bulbs form from a large layer of leaves and unite.

This tree grows upright, has fiber roots. The leaves have a pipe-like shape but are flat green and larger than red onion leaf. Here are the benefits of onions for health:

Good for health 

onions can prevent tooth decay and oral infections. Chewing raw onions for 2 to 3 minutes can potentially kill all germs in the mouth area and surrounding places such as the throat and lips.

Improving the immune system of body

Onion also contains vitamin c which is used to boost the immune system to protect the body from toxins and various bacteria that can cause disease.

For Anticoagulants

Onions act as anticoagulants known as blood thinners, which can prevent red blood cells from clumping. Because in case of blood clots can cause heart problems or cardiovascular disease.

Managing diabetes

Onions contain chromium which is a relatively hard mineral naturally in food. Chromium helps the body regulate blood sugar levels and ensures glucose gradually or slowly spreads to muscles and body cells.

Onion can Treat the inside attack attack

You can consume onion juice to reduce the pain caused by honey bee stings and scorpion stings as well. The onion odor can also be used as an insect repellent.

Cancer prevention

Onions are rich in quercetin which inhibits the development and spread of cancer cells. Quercetin is a powerful antioxidant compound that has been consistently able to prevent and reduce the spread of cancer. In addition, vitamin c content can also reduce the presence and impact of free radicals throughout the body.

Treating earn potential

A few drops of onion juice can be beneficial for individuals suffering from acute ears. The sound of ringing in the ear can be cured by applying onion juice through a piece of cotton.

Onion Help treat a cough

Eating onion juice and honey can reduce a sore throat and cough symptoms.

Prevent anemia

Onions contain minerals, especially iron, which is an important part of producing new red blood cells so it is very useful to prevent anemia.

Purchase put angle

Onions have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that can relieve stomach pain and other gastric syndromes. This is due to the content of saponins in onions that have an antispasmodic ability that prevents stomach upsets and improves stomach function.

Anti early agency

Onions have enormous anti-aging benefits. Vitamins A, C and E on onions can fight damage caused by harmful UV rays and prevent free radical damage that can cause premature aging.…

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Lansium Parasiticum have many Benefit

Although the shape is small, but the nutritional content of this  fruit can not be underestimated. Like other tropical fruits, Lansium parasiticum and variety are also rich in antimicrobials obtained from vitamin C, B vitamins and some essential minerals for the body. Here we have summarized about the benefits of this fruit and nutritional content.

This fruit In addition to the sweet taste, also many nutritional content. No wonder Hamlet is believed to be a beneficial fruit for health. And here are some of the health benefits of this fruit.

1. Rich in Vitamin A

It is a fruit that is rich in vitamin A. The function of this vitamin is clear as the guardian of eye health so that the five senses that one can work well. Vitamin A includes fat-soluble vitamins, including retinol and carotenoids.

2. Rich in Vitamin B

In addition to vitamin A, This fruit is also a good source of vitamin B. Among other vitamin B1 (Thiamin) and vitamin B2 (Riboflavin). Thiamin function in the body is to help break down the sugar in the body, supporting body growth and producing red blood cells. While the function of Riboflavin is more to help the body release energy from carbohydrates.

3. Rich Fiber

Fiber is one of the substances that are needed by the body because of its excellent function for digestion. In 100 grams of Lansium parasiticum  fruit contained approximately 2 grams of fiber.

4. Sources of Antioxidants

Lansium parasiticum fruit is a natural source of antioxidants, a type of polyphenols that benefit the body. A study conducted by Food Chemistry in 2006 showed that the antioxidant fruit is similar to that found in other more famous tropical fruits, such as papaya and bananas.

5. Launch the digestive system

As previous information that fruit Lansium parasiticum has a high enough fiber content, which is 2 grams per 100 grams of fruit. Because the fiber content, it is feasible if the sweet fruit that can be as a drug for digestion.

6. Lansium Parasiticum Controlling cholesterol

High cholesterol is very harmful to health because it can cause life-threatening diseases such as coronary heart disease and stroke. Moreover, if cholesterol already clogs blood vessels.

7. Help the diet program

For those of you who are running a diet program to lose weight, consume Lansium parasiticum can be very helpful. The benefits of this fruit can be for this diet because it can burn fat.

8. Maintain healthy gums

The lack of vitamin C can be a cause of a toothache and swollen gums. Therefore we should meet the daily needs of vitamin C. In the fruit Lansium parasiticum, vitamin C content is quite a lot.

9. Accelerate recovery

The content of vitamin C in fruits including Lansium parasiticum, was able to accelerate the recovery process for the sick. This is because vitamin C is an active antioxidant that can restore body functions. g.

10. Prevent premature aging

Almost all fruits and vegetables have this ability. Because of its free anti-radical properties that can ward off pollutants cause damage to skin tissue. But of course in addition to consuming the fruit should also have a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly.

11. Improve immunity

Almost all types of fruits and vegetables have the ability to increase endurance. This is because fruits and vegetables contain high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants.

Okay, that’s a variety of benefits Lansium parasiticum ranging from fruit, seeds to the skin.Make this also can be as a traditional medicine.…

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Japanese ants can Treat stroke

Benefits of this Ants for health – what do you think about ants? Surely most of you feel they are annoying insects because often clustered with her herd and “attack” food as well as places at home. But not the same thing with this because they have many benefits. What are the benefits of Japanese ants? This article will discuss it about benefit of Japanese ants. Japanese ants are believed to have many benefits for the human body. All diseases can be cured and prevented. As for the benefits of Japanese ants for health:

Relieve heart disease

The most deadly heart disease that can affect people at any age.

Set cholesterol levels

Humans also need cholesterol, but with levels that are not excessive. This animal is very good to regulate cholesterol levels of patients and normal people.

Set blood pressure

To do this, the enzyme contained in the body of the ant is useful.

Relieve diabetes

The nature of the ant is like sugar. so ants can also treat people with diabetes.

Adding vitamins

This animal can be an additional energy for you who have activity every day. This ant Can also increase vitality for women and men. After consuming your strength and stamina will be better.

Japanese Ants Treat stroke

The greatest benefit of Japanese ants is to treat stroke. But still must first see as severe illness.

Overcome gout disease

The main cause of uric acid is the pattern of life. This Japanese ant can make the pain of the sufferer less.…

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