My experience is losing weight

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Having an ideal body is everyone’s desire. In addition to appearance, having an ideal body greatly affects the performance of our activities every day. If our weight is excessive, then we can not run the activity because it is easily tired and automatically our work will not be maximal. (Read Herbs)

My experience has more weight, when I have to work in the field, I am easy to feel tired and tired, so it has a bad effect on my performance results.

With the incident, I thought I had to lose my weight. After a few references I read, I concluded to use some of the ways that I could use to lose my weight. And the result in 2 months of my weight which initially 85 Kg dropped to 70 Kg. And here’s how I lose weight:

Set the diet

Every day apart from Mondays and Thursdays, in the morning I only eat cereal and fruit. Afternoon I eat rice, side dishes, fruit. At night I only eat Yogurt and maximum at 07.00 PM I have not eaten anymore. When we feel pain, I insist on not taking chemicals, but I try to drink herbs.

Routine exercise

I have a hobby of biking and badminton. Every Sunday I cycled at least 40 Km. While my badminton do 3 weeks. Exercise makes me able to balance the weight and make the body always feel more refreshed. For those of you who have other sports hobbies, to keep routine run every week.

Fasting Every Monday and Thursday

I am a Muslim performing the fast Monday and Thursday in addition to running the Sunnah of the Prophet, fasting Monday and Thursday can make our bodies healthy and remain ideal. Because fast Monday and Thursday we only eat morning and evening.

This is my experience to lower and maintain my weight. Actually, many ways to be able to lose and maintain weight, it’s up to you the most important goal is for our body healthy and we can maximum activity.