Herbal Drinks is a Favorite Drink to Lose Weight

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For those of you who want to lose weight but do not have time to exercise, then one way is to set the type of food and beverages, such as food and herbal drinks.

Of the many eating and herbal drinks, there are some that become my favorite. I regularly consume lemons, cucumbers, and ginger that can help me lose weight and make my stomach flat.

Lemon can help you lose weight because it contains lots of Vitamin C and antioxidants. Its acidity can improve digestion. If we make a drink derived from this lemon, this drink can also be called herbal drinks.

Cucumber is one of the foods containing water and natural sodium and also includes eating herbs. Cucumber is not only refreshing but also very low in calories, cucumber is also a source of vitamin C that will make your skin become shiny and healthy.

Ginger is an excellent herbal remedy to improve digestion and of course, can burn fat. Some people use it to reduce belly fat. In addition, ginger can reduce cholesterol and for relaxation.

In fact, we can mix the four ingredients in a herbal drink that can make our stomach to be flat. But it’s good we keep doing exercise regularly in order to have resulted in accordance with the wishes.

By drinking this herb, we can have great energy to improve health and also relax the mind.

How to make this herbal drinks

– 1/2 lemon
– 1 cucumber fruit
– 1 teaspoon of grated ginger
– Some strands of celery
– 1/3 of a cup of warm water
Mix all ingredients using a blender, serve in a glass. I regularly consume this useful drink every night before bed.

In addition to herbal drink ingredients, fibrous food is one of the best nutritionists supporting ideal body weight, but most people only consume half of the recommended daily amount of fiber. Because fiber plays a big role in controlling hunger, fiber will expand in your stomach and make you feel full longer than other nutrients.