Orchid Pigeons for Health and Medicine

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Orchid is famous for its beauty and fragrance has many variants one of which is a pigeon orchid. Named pigeon orchids because the flowers are white and look like a bunch of doves that are flying.

pigeon black orchid is not only beautiful and fragrant tetepi can to treat some types of diseases. This is caused by the content of several compounds contained in these plants such as kardenolin, polyphenols, alkaloids mikelarbina and liriodenina, and flavonoids. Here are some diseases that can heal by consuming pigeon orchid ingredients:

Orchid Overcoming brain cancer

Cancer or malignant tumors that attack the brain make the sufferer experience symptoms such as easy drowsiness, excessive fatigue, vomiting, and impaired walking, sight, and speech. In addition to using medical treatment, we can also cope with this disease using natural ingredients such as pigeon orchids so that more minimal side effects.

Overcoming a dry cough

Although in general, a dry cough can heal by itself but this disease is really torturous because it makes the throat hurt. For those of you who do not like taking drugs, you can try this orchid juice by 50 grams of pigeon orchids that previously had to wash and pound it first.

Overcoming rheumatism

Rheumatism is a disease that attacks the joints and when the relapse feels pain, pain, and accompanied by other complaints such as fever so it is very disturbing the smooth activities of every day. To relieve this disease you can consume boiled water pigeon orchid.

Overcoming inflammation

Swelling, burning, and pain are some symptoms of inflammation as a sign that immunity is reacting to infection and irritation. This proves that the immune system is at work. Overcoming the inflammation can be by consuming this pigeon orchid juice

Treating pain in the ears

Pepper orchids can also treat earache. How to make the orchid herb jasmine as a drop in the ear.

Overcoming cholera

Poor sanitation is usually the cause of the outbreak of cholera disease somewhere. People suffering from this disease will experience very severe diarrhea to cause dehydration and if not treated properly can result in death.

Overcoming leucorrhoea

Basically whitish is a normal thing and generally occurs before and after menstruation and has characteristics such as clear, odorless, and does not cause itching. However, if leucorrhea already shows signs of abnormal as yellowish or greenish, accompanied by itching, smelling, and going on and on then this should be wary of whitish abnormalities.

Very useful is not it? This is a beautiful plant, easy to get, and rich in benefits. Therefore if you see this plant around you should not be thrown away or cut down. Better left or maintained so that if at any time needed can be directly utilized.