This Herbal Drinks can Overcome Insomnia

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I used to have trouble sleeping due to insomnia. My way to get rid of insomnia is to change the pattern of a cleaner sleep, change a healthy lifestyle, and I consume herbal drinks before sleep.

Some natural foods and drinks can help us sleep well through the night? These are the usual herbal drinks I consume to help me sleep well:

Warm milk

Milk contains tryptophan active compounds. The content of tryptophan in milk is able to stimulate the brain to produce serotonin and melatonin hormones. Both of these hormones make us feel more relaxed, calm, and fast sleepy. In addition, milk is also high in calcium, which can both make sleepy.

In order to sleep well, I consume warm milk before bed. Warm temperatures can help us feel more relaxed and relaxed.

Herbal Drinks Tea lavender and chamomile

Tea from dried chamomile flowers contains effects that can help relieve stress and calm the mind. While lavender essential oil can relax the nerves tense after a day of activity.

To make it, you can use 2 chamomile tea bags with warm water for 8 minutes. Then stir while adding 1 or 2 drops of pure lavender oil. Consumption 30-60 minutes before bedtime.

Cherry juice

Cherry juice can be a beverage to overcome insomnia. In one study, people with insomnia who consumed two ounces of cherry juice for two weeks could sleep 90 minutes longer than those who did not drink the juice before bed.

Cherries have anti-inflammatory properties that are believed to help the biological clock to better regulate the sleep cycle. Be sure to consume pure cherry juice without added sugar.

Smoothies with almonds

Almonds contain magnesium that works to calm the nervous system. In effect, the brain will trigger the release of serotonin production and melatonin which makes us feel sleepy quickly.

How to make it like this: blender milk almond fresh (plain) with banana slices. Bananas are also a source of foods high in tryptophan and magnesium that help to sleep soundly.

Lemon balm

In a study that examined the health benefits of lemon balm fruit, one of them found to overcome the problem of insomnia. The study reported that 81 percent of people who consume herbal tea with lemon balm and valerian combination can sleep more soundly than people who only consume placebo tea. In addition, lemon balm also provides a calming effect and improve the mood to sleep well again.…

Fruit is a Herbal Food that Have Many Benefit

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Fruit is an herbal food that everyone would love. In addition to having a source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, also has a fresh taste. We need diverse foods every day, especially herbal foods.

I am a fan of this herbal food, I regularly consume for every day. Each fruit has different nutritional and health benefits. Here are some of the fruits that I often eat and have their own benefits:

Eating Apples can lose weight

When I was on a diet program, I always eat an apple. Apple fruit is a fruit that has a lot of fiber, so I can feel full for a long time. Some studies explain that apples can lower high blood pressure and control cholesterol levels to remain normal.

Pineapple fruit, is a powerful herbal food to prevent inflammation

I love with this herbal food, it’s sour sweet taste makes me like to consume as a closing meal or as a snack that I eat during the day. This fruit has a high anti-inflammatory substance and makes us more resistant to infectious diseases. In addition, this fruit has an enzyme that can prevent us from heart disease.

Mango fruit can encourage the immune system

This fruit has vitamin A which has benefits for bone health and immune system. In addition, this herbal food has a high vitamin C so it can make us have an immune system.

Guava Fruit Seeds can raise the platelet level down

Guava is a fruit that can raise platelet levels are down. Dengue patients often eat these fruits to increase platelet levels in the body. In addition, the vitamin C content of guava is very high, which is about 90 mg per 100 grams of fruit.

Pomegranate is a fruit rich in antioxidants

Pomegranate has a higher antioxidant content of green tea that can make us stay young. Powerful antioxidants prevent the occurrence of free radicals in the body which is the cause of damage to cells, including skin cells.

Bananas are a hungry solution during the day

I am a fan of bananas. While exercising, I used to eat bananas to increase energy. In addition, bananas have high carbohydrate and fiber content, so it can make full satiety longer, so when I feel hungry during the day, I always eat bananas.…

Herbal Supplements Have Side Effects

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Herbal supplements do not seem harmful. Therefore, we all often consume it without thinking. But to be honest, there are some herbs that can be harmful to certain medical conditions.
Therefore, it is important to know what herbs that we should not consume arbitrarily. Better yet, consult a doctor before you decide to take herbal supplements for your situation or condition.


People often consume ginkgo to improve memory capacity. Some people believe, ginkgo biloba can also help smooth blood circulation and improve mental function.
However, ginkgo can thin the blood and cause bleeding. That is why, this herbal supplement should not be consumed together with blood-thinning drugs.

Herbal supplements John Wort

These herbal supplements people often use for the problem of depression, anxiety and difficulty sleeping. But, St. John Wort can cause side effects such as headache, nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and make you more susceptible to the heat of the sun. This supplement also makes cancer chemotherapy less effective.


People always use ginger to relieve nausea due to surgery, chemotherapy, or motion sickness. Sometimes also to treat arthritis or other joint pain.
We need to know, ginger can cause blood clotting problems, heart rhythm, pressure and blood sugar levels. You should not take it if you have gallstones or along with blood-thinning medications.


People often use this supplement to help overcome constipation, colds, eye infections and even cancer. But goldenseal can affect heart rhythm and raise or lower blood pressure. You should avoid it if you have heart problems.

Aloe vera

This plant has a cooling effect so people wear for burns. There are also those who take it orally. Aloe vera can cause heart rhythms to be abnormal if taken orally, and can lower your blood sugar levels.


People think ginseng can increase vitality and slow aging. Ginseng supplements are also used to boost immunity and improve sexual performance.
But, ginseng can cause a decrease in blood sugar levels so that it can cause problems for diabetics.
You should avoid ginseng if you suffer from high blood pressure. Ginseng also should not be consumed along with blood-thinning drugs.


Some people believe that garlic can help lower high blood pressure and treat flu symptoms.
Studies also show that garlic can slightly lower cholesterol levels. For most people, garlic supplements are safe for use.
But, that does not mean this supplement is free of side effects. Garlic can thin the blood thereby increasing the risk of bleeding when you consume it with blood-thinning medication. People who have heart disease problems usually take blood-thinning medications.…

Diet Tips you need to know

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Diet becomes one of the favorite options to lose weight. Basically, this type of diet divides the eating habits into two, namely five days of regular meals and two days of fasting.

In those two days, women recommended only consume 500 calories, while men 600 calories.

But, whether this can we categorize a healthy diet? Or, how best to apply this diet? Here’s what I do when I go on a diet:

1. Fasting is not not eating all day

There is a common mistake in deciphering the word ‘fasting’. Fasting often we mean as not eating anything on two days. A safe way to apply this diet is to reduce the portion of the meal. Not by eliminating the meal.

2. Select fasting time well

Food is energy intake for body functioning well. Therefore, eliminating intake in 48 hours will make the body very weak.

So, in a week choose two days at random to perform the fast. I follow my religious teachings to fast sunnah on Monday and Thursday.

3. Do not think of those five days as ‘cheat days’

On the concept of this diet, you may eat freely on five days. However, remember that ‘free’ here does not mean to eat everything, but must be wise.

To be more effective, we must keep applying a healthy.

In addition, consuming a lot of unhealthy foods will make our body tremble and not in good condition on two days of fasting.

4. No more effective than food restriction rules

In order to lose weight, you must first experience a lack of energy. This is often people associate with reduced calories and we get by reducing eating, multiplying exercise, or a combination of both. You allocate the times where you can eat, and where you should fast. The end result, you could be lack of energy at the end of the week running it.

By following the restrictive rules of all kinds of foods as people usually apply to some other types of this thing, we can also regulate energy intake wisely.

It can also impact on the lack of calories and lose weight.

5. Keep your food intake balanced

In this diet, it is important to maintain a balanced intake of nutrients to keep the body healthy. Do not get the body lack of essential vitamins and minerals

6. Not for all circles

This is not a safe for all people. There are some groups that should not apply this thing.

For example, for pregnant women or those with certain health records such as diabetes.

For them, on this thing is more dangerous than benefits. So, it is better for them to apply a normal diet. Also not recommended for you who have experienced eating disorder (eating disorder disorder)

7. Side effects

It carries some side effects. Starting from the difficulty sleeping, the smell of breath, constipation, until the emotional impact.

8. Long-term effects

It will make you reduce your intake of eating regularly. Some studies say, the type of diet if we apply in the long run can lead to eat all, if not we do wisely. Because, the more We reduce and limit the food, we will crave it more. This can cause us to be eater in the future.

9. Consult a doctor

Before you run it, consult your practitioner first to make sure that we try to be safe is for you to do.…

Morning exercise can increase metabolism

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I am a person who loves sports, and I prefer to exercise early in the morning because it can increase my metabolism so as to make fitness goals achieved. I will also be more productive throughout the day because of the motivation I have in the morning.
Here are 5 reasons why exercise in the morning benefits more:

Exercising early in the morning Faster build muscle

If you do not see the results of your weight training, then try to exercise in the morning. Exercise in the morning more quickly helps muscle formation. This is nothing but the vital hormone-like levels of testosterone that build muscle mass – higher in the morning. You get the benefits of hormonal turns, because in the morning the level peaked, while as the day began to fall.

Increase metabolism

It’s common knowledge that metabolism is an important part of losing weight. This can not be separated because of its function to burn energy and calories from food. Well, weight, age, gender, and genetics affect the speed of metabolism. When metabolism slows down, the process of burning calories also follows, which eventually makes the body grow fat faster. One way to cope with exercise, because exercise is definitely able to increase metabolism.

However, the degree of improvement depends on the level of fitness and activity you choose. All activities are the same, but an exercise in the morning will help boost the metabolism faster, which can eventually burn more calories during the day. This phenomenon is referred to as the afterburn effect, where the body keeps burning calories even though we have finished the sport and are in rest mode.

More freely

When coming to the gym, we often find the place full and noisy. Not to mention we have to queue long to use fitness equipment there. As a result, we will not reach the target quickly. It is easier to reach an exercise program when the facilities are not crowded and do not need to queue up. Well, it only happens in the morning.

A bit of distraction and temptation

There will not be much disturbance when choosing exercise in the morning. Unlike if you choose after work home, which of course more challenges, ranging from lack of spirit, been tired, stuck in traffic, or invited to hang out friends office. Well, if you’ve been exercising in the morning, you will not worry about the distractions and temptations. You will be much more consistent with an exercise program when it is done earlier than delaying it.

Quality time

You definitely need quality time with family, right? If so, exercise morning, after waking up. That way, you can directly meet the wife’s children after coming home from the office. That’s why exercise in the morning, usually better and more successful than in the afternoon.…

The DASH Diet always been The Best Diet Choice

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Many new dietary methods always appear every year, but health experts have named the DASH diet the best diet of the last few years. Like what this diet is and you need to try it:

DASH diet

The DASH diet is a continuation of Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute that created this diet. They designed this diet for people with high blood pressure.

The DASH diet has proven to be effective so experts qualify this diet best. Research shows people who run the DASH diet blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels down. This diet is actually not to lose weight, but the reality of this diet is able and effective weight loss. The study also showed that adults who follow the DASH diet decreased body weight in the period of 8-24 weeks than those on a low-calorie diet.

This diet can lose weight

It’s no secret that nutritional factors that affect blood pressure also affect weight. Foods that process stomach, trans fat, and excess sugar, not only can make us overweight but also make hypertension.

The DASH diet is a flexible meal plan and emphasizes natural and whole foods, such as vegetables, fruits. In addition, like other healthy eating guidelines, this diet also recommends that we increase the consumption of fish, choose poultry, nuts, and healthy fats like olive oil.

In contrast to other popular diets, in this diet is not too focused on reducing starch. Various studies say, the most important in the diet is sustainability, so not a diet that we only apply in the short term only.
The biggest problem with other low-carb diets is that it is very difficult to reduce carbohydrates. This is why the DASH diet is more friendly to many people.

This diet is more of a food that through a little cooking (whole food), without any food taboo. Processing food, consumption of fat, sugar, and salt is a major limitation of this diet.

Studies have proven that processing foods have increased caloric intake by up to 58 percent and foodstuffs by adding sugar to 99 percent. Most people’s salt intake also comes from processed foods.

Even so, the DASH diet is not a magical solution if you expect instant weight loss. However, the gradual decline is even healthier and can last long term.

The DASH diet is not a weight-loss solution, making healthy eating choices can indeed lose weight, but basically this diet teaches us to make healthy food choices as a lifestyle.…

Herbal Medicine Should be Appropriate Dosage

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The use of herbal medicine that has no side effects make people comfortable and safe to consume them. So they use this herbal medicine without calculation. This is because the effects of herbs tend to be lighter than synthetic drugs. if we compare with chemical drugs, herbal medicine is likely to be safer. Because the active substance in herbal medicine is not as big as on chemical drugs.

Like synthetic drugs, herbal remedies have specific uses. To obtain maximum results, must use the appropriate dose. Determination of the dose depends on the purpose of the treatment itself and how severe the disease is.

I give examples of the use of herbal remedies such as ginger rhizome. Many people often use ginger to get a sense of warmth. If 250 milliliters alone is enough to warm the body, do not need to drink 1 liter.

The quality of herbal medicine depends on the extracted results

The quality of herbal treatment depends on the compounds we extract. In the herb contained hundreds of types of active substances that can cure various diseases. Excellence that sometimes makes the herb that many people consider as a medicine of God.

With the extract, herbal medicine becomes more specific with an adjustable dose. Doctors recommend treating herbs as synthetic. For example, eat before taking the drug, and consume according to the recommended dosage.
The existence of herbs can actually replace synthetic drugs. So when appropriate, herbs and synthetics we can use together without side effects.

We can use herbs as adjuvant or main therapy

Adjunctive function, for example, can be found in meniran for whitish treatment due to fungus. Meniran will fight mushrooms.

The function of herbs as main therapy goal to increase endurance. This function can also be obtained from a meniran extract in roots, stems, leaves, and fruit. Regular consumption causes the endurance to always be in a state of preparation for state when bacteria or viruses invade.

In conclusion, herbal remedies are not 100% safe if we consume not with the right dosage. If excessive will certainly not be safe. Taking herbal medicine should also be appropriate to the disease we are suffering and should see the patient’s disease history.…