Papaya Leaf Have Benefit for Health

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Papaya is a fruit that grows in many tropical countries.  The sweet taste of fruit makes a lot of people who love this fruit. Due to many requests from the market for this one fruit, many farmers are turning from other crops to papaya fruit plants. In addition to the way of planting is very easy,the price too  also quite competitive. This then makes the farmers more excited.

Especially lately papaya leaf is also much sought after by consumers because of its abundant health benefits. what are the benefits of this leaves to many people chase them? Here i will explain about the benefits of papaya leaves for human health.

Bringing a bowel movement

The first benefit is as a vegetable that can facilitate defecation. This leaf is one type of foliage rich in carpain content. It is this karpain which will then kill all microorganisms in the digestive system

Prevent dengue fever

Efficacy of papaya leaves the next is as a dengue fever prevention. You can do this business by routinely drinking boiled water of this leaves.

Eliminate menstrual pain

The next benefit is as a pain relief of menstrual pain. How to get this benefit is by boiling one sheet of papaya leaves with salt and tamarind. After boiling, let stand until gangat then minulah.

Treating colds

Efficacy of this leaves the next is as a cold medicine. The content of various beneficial substances in papaya leaves is able to eliminate the colds disease.

Preventing and treating diabetes

The next papaya benefit is as an anti diabetic drug. Papaya leaves contain compounds capable of controlling blood sugar levels so that the condition will remain stable. Although it can control blood sugar, but you also have to balance it with how to keep the food you consume.

Similarly reviews about the benefits of this leaves. Hope can be a reference for you. May be useful